Ultimate Guitar Gear & Recording

Everything you ever wanted to know about getting the sound you want, making good recordings, & getting a final product.

Speed, Accuracy, & Improvising

Flow Across The Fretboard With Effortless Speed And Accuracy, And Improvise "Tasty" Solos With An Endless Stream Of...

Eric Clapton's Soloing Secrets

Transform your scales from boring, mechanical patterns to amazing, beautiful MUSIC just like Eric Clapton!

How To Turn Scales Into Music

​How to easily create expressive melodies and riffs that are always fresh and interesting - without ever sounding the..

How To Get Started With Fingerpicking

Discover the #1 secret to playing multiple patterns all at the SAME TIME!

Everything You Want To Know About Pedals

Get the sound you’ve always wanted out of your pedals and setup!

Improvising Made Easy

How to play with your own, unique sound... where you can easily create riffs and melodies that are a true expression...

Rhythm & Strumming Made Simple

How to put together the secrets of rhythm, structure, and chord playing so you can even compose and write your own tunes

​How To Sound Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

How to play an INCREDIBLY "tasty" sounding song from Stevie Ray Vaughan and develop melodic phrasing that is not just...

​How To Play In Your OWN Style

Discover the #1 secret to creating a style that is all YOURS

Chord Melody: Between Chords & Lead

Transition EASILY between chords and sweet lead fills while creating amazing, beautiful MUSIC!

Clapton: Learning Layla Start to Finish

Discover the #1 secret to EASILY playing one of Clapton’s BIGGEST hits while easily playing amazing, beautiful MUSIC!

Learning "Life By The Drop"

Learn to EASILY play one of SRV’s BIGGEST hits while easily playing amazing, beautiful MUSIC

​Tapping Solos Made Simple

Discover How To Play Expressive Melodies Using The Tapping Techniques Pros Use

How to Get the Tones You Want

Discover How The Elements Of Tone Let You Create Your Own Unique Sound

How To Build A Blues Solo

Learn How To Turn Any Blues Scale Into Real, Soulful, Expressive Music

How to Record Music You're Proud Of

Discover how to get the perfect recording "take" every time!

How To Play Chords Anywhere

Master The Right Way To Change Chords That Sound Perfectly Placed.

How To Play What's In Your Head

Discover how to translate the notes in your head to the fretboard and finally express that music you have inside you.

How To Play Every RIGHT Note

Discover the #1 secret to EASILY playing in any key with pentatonic scales

Blues Rhythm & Soloing

The REAL SECRETS of playing ​heart-wrenching leads and solos dripping with soul and emotion - where you don't have...

Speed & Accuracy Bootcamp

Discover the #1 secret to playing clean and accurate notes that SING!

Learning Purple Haze

Discover the #1 secret to EASILY playing one of Hendrix’s BIGGEST hits!

How to Write a Song You're Proud Of

Learn how to unlock the secrets to writing music you're proud of!

How To Learn Any Solo Fast

​The key "hidden" techniques pros have used for decades to make their music sound expressive and amazing!

Connecting Major & Minor Across The Neck

Discover the #1 secret to EASILY playing every major & minor scale across the fretboard